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  • Phone: 7665500228
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Terms and Conditions

(1) It may take more than 90 working days to register all types of garages (workshops) which are known to all garage owners.
(2) Workshop cashless fees will be 10000 / ten thousand rupees which may be more or less as per time.
(3) In any condison your garage workshop is not cashless, so 18% of the fees paid by you will be refunded after deducting GST TAX and 500 / Rs survey charge which will be given by Mateshwari Auto Sales Private Limited Company. Refund as per convenience, which will be in the interest of the customer, which cannot be pursued in any High Court.
(4) The fee will not be refunded if any type has been merged with any insurance company.
(5) All the garage owners can work with us as per their convenience, whose entire responsibility will be to the garage owner, he can register by paying the fee first and he can give the fee code as per his wish even after arrival. Which is correct as per company rules.
(6) In case of any type of new vehicle refinance, the entire responsibility of the customer will be such as filling the EMI and taking full consideration of the% of interest.
(7) The customer shall have full responsibility for any type of unlawful vehicle such as theft of vehicle, tampering with the engine number and chassis number, not having any type of tax complete, getting stuck in the court case and all other types of responsibility of the customer. Will be.
(8) The customer will check the premium of the insurance company on the entire responsibility and tele-pay the premium from the other company and the payment will be made by the customer policy holder. We are acting as commission agent between the insurance company only on your behalf. It is the job of the customer to check and test.
(9) The parking charge of the vehicles standing in the yard will be separately the customer who will purchase the vehicle will have to pay the parking charge separately which will be the responsibility of the customer.
(10) The jurisdiction of any dispute shall be Jodhpur Rajasthan to which all the users agree.